French Tux made with the pattern from FreePenguin

Finding a Tux plush on the internet

I was looking for a while to buy a tux plush but the only I found that looks close to Tux was in an online store in Australia for 7,85$ and 18$!!! of shipping costs.

So I started to look for an other solution...

The Free Penguin Project

I found the web adress on my desperate search of a tux plush and I started collecting informations about it.

Firstly, I needed more instructions to sew the plush than the one indicated on the pattern. I found with difficulties two post on the website with instructions unfortunately, the most complete was in a foreign language (czech or bulgarian). I found some instructions for the feet but that what not very necessary.

Then I start looking for the fabrics, and I found very easily for a cheaper price (it costs me about 7€ and I've black fabric to made another tux).

After that I've too translate all the instructions I found to my mother who have the play to sew all the penguin.

The eyes were impovised with the fabrics of the bide and another fabric from a pen.

The Photos


Put more instructions in more languages...

Find a way to bring the beak more than the tux version

A GNU plush !

Thanks to

My mother who made it real, and all the team of freepenguin who have started a really nice project.

I'm waiting the versions 0.7. Hope it will coming soon with great modifications !


If somebody need sewing instructions in french I will be glad to help him : electokaine at free dot fr